5 Unlikely Skills All Nannies Need

If you’re looking to hire a nanny, the chances are you’ll take some time looking through your options. We think at Taxing Nannies that there are five skills that are particular bonuses which all nannies should really have. When you find a nanny with none or few of these skills and someone else with all of these skills, it could be the deciding factor of who you choose to employ. Read more »

How to host a children’s Halloween party

This is how to host the best Halloween party

jack o lantern 312380  180 How to host a children’s Halloween party

Want to host the best Halloween party in your neighbourhood?

Sounds like you need a plan.

Don’t worry, we’ve come up with a few great suggestions at Taxing Nannies, treat your little horrors to a fangtastic time this All Hallows’ Eve, our spine-tingling tips should leave you trembling with excitement. Read more »

Morning sickness, the myths debunked

Read these suggestions to ease morning sickness

Look at this picture…

family 78710  180 Morning sickness, the myths debunked

What do you see?

It’s a happy mum-to-be, she’s expecting her first child, she is smiling, looks radiant and bet she can’t wait for her baby to be born.

Could anything spoil this special moment?

Ask Kate Middleton, she’s a high-profile victim of Hyperemesis Gravidarum or ‘morning sickness’ to give it a common term. Read more »

Nanny V nursery the pros and cons

Could you cope knowing your child was in nursery all day? This is a dilemma faced by thousands of families each year. Some parents take the nursery path. Others opt for full-time nannies. It’s a tough call to make but which option is best?

We explore the merits of both choices in this latest blog from Taxing Nannies. And we suggest a useful compromise.

To begin let’s weigh up the contenders. Read more »


By law an employer must provide an employee with a “statement of terms” within 2 months of the employee’s start date. Failure to do so can result in a tribunal awarding an employee 4 weeks’ pay. Read more »

Tears and tantrums – coping on the first day of nursery

playschool 151938  180 Tears and tantrums – coping on the first day of nursery

Nurseries are good for social development. Say goodbye to tears and hello to happy smiles following the Taxing Nannies guide to day one at a childcare centre. Read more »

The hottest skills to have as a nanny

Quite rightly, you wouldn’t leave any old person in charge of your children. Nannies are vetted, you like to dig a little into their background and find out what skills and qualifications they have acquired over the years before you feel comfortable leaving them with your kids. Read more »

Nutrition tips for nannies on the go

Feed a child a nutritious, healthy diet and this supports them through all stages of their life. The right mix of calories and nutrients helps them to grow big and strong, too much of the wrong stuff can inhibit their development.

Nannies have a duty of care when it comes to diets. Younger children need a healthy blend of ingredients, there has to be a balance within the diet to support muscle and bone growth.

That being the case we explore the subject of nutrition in our next feature, read this post and snack on healthy products from now on. Read more »

Tricks to help you cope with tantrums

Got a toddler that knows how to throw a mighty tantrum?

It’s embarrassing, it’s worrying and it also upsetting when your toddler throws a paddy in public, you feel like the worst parent in the world and it feels like everyone is staring at you.

Tantrums are normally acts of frustration. They stem from nothing, they catch you unaware and you wonder how you are going to cope with this latest outburst.

Dealing with this irrational behaviour doesn’t have to drag you down though, use our tricks and regain control of your life. Read more »

Learning to ride a bike for the first time

Learning to ride a bike is as easy as err… riding a bike… once you’ve mastered the skill it’s something that comes naturally to you for the rest of your life.

Can you remember those tentative first steps though, learning to ride as a small child, and do you recall the exact moment when the stabilisers came off and you could ride solo on your own?

As grown-ups, it’s easy to forget how hard it is to ride a ‘big’ bike when you are little. Learning to ride a bicycle is an important skill and we’ve got the basics covered in this latest blog. Read more »