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Advice about Statutory Sick Pay

An employer is normally obliged to pay Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) to an employee who is sick for four or more calendar days in a row, regardless of the length of time the nanny has worked for that employer. No payment of salery or SSP is due for the first 3 days unless it is a term of the contract of employment.  Rates are stipulated by legislation, although any additional sick payment can be made at the discretion of the employer. The rate for 2014/15 is £87.55 divided by the number of days worked.  From the eighth day of the illness, an employer is entitled to ask for medical evidence.  For shorter illnesses, an employee is entitled to self-certificate.

If a nanny has a subsequent period of sick leave, where the condition is related to the previous period of illness then this will be deemed a linked period and provided she is sick for more than 3 days SSP will be paid for the whole of the subsequent period.

If a nanny has more than one job, she is entitled to receive SSP from each job subject to being sick for the relevant number of qualifying  days for each employment.

SSP is no longer recoverable from HMRC and therefore is a cost to the employer.